Bitterly cold

Hidden deep

Active living

Safe asleep

Water gushing

Rock to rock

Flow trickle

Sudden stop

Glassy stream

You can hear

Imagine the life

Under there

Fresh water eels

And little crays

Play at night

Sleep all day



I had just been telly ported in to an old abandon Nazi movie theatre. All I have is a little hand gun with 84 bullets and five hundred dollars in my pocket. So I run as fast as I can to the quick revive and spend all my money on it.

Suddenly 8 zombies pore in to the room. I shot and stabbed all the zombies and got 780 dollars so I pasted the first round.

This next round there is 12 zombies, will I survive. I have noticed that these zombies are twice as strong and harder to kill.

if i was magic

If I was magic I would turn my house in to the biggest house in the world. This house would be so big it would take up the whole of Pukehina. It would have a train to take me to all the rooms and will look like Thomas the tank engine. Eminem would be my best friend and we would throw mean parties and after them I would just fix and clean up with some magic. Victoria justice would be my girl friend.

Disney land would be in my back yard and I would have the best toys. I would melt down Michael Jackson’s plastic and build an Xbox 5000 and play gta 50 on it and I would have an air port for my jets and drive my Aston martin on the run way and I could do lots of drifts.

For pets I would have mike Tyson’s pet tiger because it looks cool and the dragon and donkey off Shrek. I would build them the meanest crib made out of metal so dragon doesn’t burn it down.

Pukehina would have the best 5 foot wave in the world and Kelly would surf it with me. I would make it so you can’t get sun burnt but it is warm outside. And for night time I would surf in my wave pool inside my house.

For people to come to my house it would cost a thousand dollars every day so it doesn’t get over crowded and so poor people don’t come in and rob me. It will also give me money so I don’t have to make my own and lower the New Zealand economy and be poor like African countries.

Then after getting all this life would be a TV show because I would be so awesome.

Sea weed is very important in the ocean .sea weed can nearly grow any were in the ocean and can over grow in some places. If there was no sea weed over time a lot of the fish would die.

If the entire sea weed disappeared most fish in the ocean would die. This is because a lot of the little fish feed off it. This would be a big problem because those fish get eaten by other fish that get eaten by other fish that get eaten by other fish and then all those fish would die. After this some different fish that eat ougy will over poulate because the bigger fish that eat them are dead and they will eat all the ougy then they will die too.

I think teachers have a hard job because…

I think teachers have a hard job because they are normally women and cant be a scarey as a man yelling at you so the naughty students don’t listen to them. Then they distract the rest of the class and know one can learn. This could cause long meetings with parents.

It is a known fact that students are better behaved with a male teacher.


With a sudden bang shots start popping off in to the night sky. There were that many fireworks in the sky you could see your friends face from 30 meters and know it were them in a crowd of 5000 people. Top of the rage sky rockets were shooting hundreds of meters in the sky then exploding on top of us. After they had exploded it looked like a colorful rain.

Every time a big one went everyone would go ooh aah. I realized that the ground was a little bit wet after my bum was wet. It taught me a good lesson and that is to check before you sit down. After about 5 minutes I decided to go search for the bro again but after searching until it finished I decided to leave.

Now it was time to find every one and leave but we didn’t come up with a place to meet after. I decided to go to the front gates. On the way it was like a maze walking and pushing through people and everyone was screaming. There were cops nearly every wear but somehow there weren’t any to stop a girl get beaten up. I felt really bad after it because no one stopped it.

When I got back to the car I knew that I would find the family there and it was time to leave Te puke.

If I knew I had one day to live…

I would probably be going crazy in shock knowing that I was going to dye. Maybe I would have a heart attack or something like that. Manny people would say that they would go on a mass murdering spree but when was the last time that happened in New Zealand. If I didn’t have a heart attack I would probably go sky diving and go surfing.
I would go to the nicest restaurant and have the nicest dinner ever